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An Ignorant Child PDF Print E-mail

My name is Ramsing Bohora. I live in Humla, which is a remote Ignorant_Child_1and an underdeveloped village, but people are interested in developing their village. My family is small and all the family members have a close relationship. My father's name is Ramjie Bohora and my mother's name is Giori Kala. My grandfather and grandmother had already died before I was born. I have one twelve year old brother. We got a lot of affection from our mother.

When I was four years old, my mother died, due to cholera. Soon after my father started to drink alcohol heavily and to gamble. Oh, I really missed my mother's affection. In the past whilst my mother was busy in the field and kitchen to make food for us, father would drink alcohol. My mother always gave advice to my father about the future for us, his children.

Now I am eight years old. I am always remembering my mother. I am always thinking about her death, but what can I do? If I my mother was still alive, I could have had the opportunity to go to higher education. Now my brother and I are always busy doing domestic work. After my mother's death, my father went to India to search for work. Then we didn't have anyone. We have no food or clothes. We are facing difficulties surviving.


Once upon a time, I rode my neighbour's horse without a bit in it's mouth. I fell off the horse. I had a lot of injuries on my body. My forehead was lacerated and bleeding profusely. At that time, my brother took advice from the RIDS-Nepal program in Syada for treatment. In that program, there were 2 health workers. They stitched my wound whilst I was unconscious.

I do not remember anything about it. My brother gave me artificial respiration. The health workers of gave me some pain killing medicine. After 8 days, I came out of my coma. I gave them thanks for their work. If my mother had been alive then this incident would not have happened. The RIDS-Nepal staffs suggested me to study. Taking their advice, I was joined a primary school in my village.

"Your mother is your mother, once she is lost you can never get her back. Do not hate your mother, but love her."