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Alongside RIDS-Nepal’s Holistic Community Development programs, the “Family of 4” and the “Family of 4 PLUS”; RIDS-Nepal has developed various Flip Charts, Posters, Brochures, Songs and Videos to raise more awareness and more visual tools to teach the local end-users how to use and apply the new technologies and projects. Thus on this web site, the various developed Flip Charts, Posters, Brochures are presented as part of the role they play to bring new important information and knowledge to the local people.


Importance of Bathing Importance of Bathing Part 1 Importance of Bathing Part 2
Clean Drinking Water Clean Drinking Water Part 1 Clean Drinking Water Part 2
Importance of Greenhouse Importance of Greenhouse Part 1 Importance of Greenhouse Part 2
Basic Indoor Lighting System Basic Indoor Lighting System Part 1 Basic Indoor Lighting System Part 2
Smokeless Metal Stoves Smokeless Metal Stoves Part 1 Smokeless Metal Stoves Part 2
Importance of Pit Latrines Importance of Pit Latrines Part 1 Importance of Pit Latrines Part 2


Flip Charts

Pit Latrine Flip Charts Smokeless Metal Stove Flip Charts



Basic Indoor Lighting System Smokeless Stove Poster-Bad Example Smokeless Stove and Pit Latrine Poster-Good Example
High Altitude Solar Bathing Center at Dharapori, Humla