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The RIDS-Nepal Children Literacy classes focus on children who never had and probably never will have a chance to go to school due to the hardships of their life and family circumstances. It is RIDS-Nepal's aim to enroll as many children as possible in the Government schools after the basic 9 months course. This necessitates close cooperation the parents of the children, as they in particular often do not see the need for their children to go to school. Children also follow the same course structure as the women, Sukhi Pariwar 1 (SP1) for the first 12 months and if successful, Sukhi Pariwar 2 (SP2) for another 12 months.

NFE for Children

NFE for Children NFE for Children

Six times a week two hours early morning in class

Games go hand in hand with studies in NFE

NFE for Children NFE for Children

To give girls the same chance for life . . .

Tests through games and competition . . .

NFE for Children NFE for Children

It's fun to understand . . .

Studying is made easy with Indoor Lighting