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RIDS-Nepal scholarship program provides a unique opportunity to the youths from remote Humla villages for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TEVT) at Karnali Technical School (KTS), Jumla. So far, three young people from the villages have successfully completed their TEVT courses and are getting employment in different governmental and non-governmental development organizations in Humla.  Now in 2009, 4 students (2 girls and 2 boys) are continuing their study at KTS. The students are allowed to choose the course they want for further studies. RIDS-Nepal had been sustaining this project with the help of its partner organization 'The ADAR Foundation'. But since this partnership has come to an end on 31st December 2009, RIDS-Nepal is searching for potential partners or donors that can help RIDS-Nepal continue funding for these outstanding students and help them realize their dreams. Moreover, we want to continue the TEVT Scholarship Program in coming years so that required skilled workforce could be developed and sustained in rural areas who can contribute for the infrastructure and social development of remote villages. We believe that if we empower these local individuals by providing opportunities in acquiring knowledge and skill at hand, it will undoubtedly help accelerating and strengthening development activities in a more sustainable way in local communities.

As the region is totally detached from the mainstream development activities, people are living a very low standard of life. Absence of better education, employment, income generation through entrepreneurship or business, healthy and hygienic food supply and food habits, access to health services and other opportunities has put the region far behind the standard development indicators set out in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) or in other international level milestones of acceptable lifestyle. So, on the one hand, people from this region don't have opportunity, capacity, awareness, affordability and access in better educational and training initiatives and so are unable to serve themselves on their own and on the other hand because of the remoteness of the area and unavailability of basic family requirements like food, health services, educational institutions, transportation, communication means and so on, skilled and knowledgeable people from outside normally don't want to stay and serve the communities for an expected period of time. So, there is no way out to supply with necessary skilled workforce except encouraging young people of this area with required education and training to construct and sustain development infrastructures set by governmental or non-governmental development organizations.

In the light of the facts mentioned above, RIDS-Nepal felt the need of Human Resource Development Program (HRDP) in the region and initiated the TEVT Scholarship program from the year 2006. In coming years, we are also thinking to send deserving young people from villages to study Diploma level courses in mechanical, electrical, sanitation, computer and other technical sciences in Bheri Technical School in Nepalgunj (45 minutes flight from Humla District Center Simikot) or in other parts of  the country.

All the scholarship holders get the chance to go to Karnali Technical School (KTS), the only TEVT provider institution in Karnali region.


This is the batch of RIDS-Nepal scholarship students for the years 2009-2011.

1 Bale_Sarki Bale Sarki Bale Sarki, a permanent resident of Maila Village Development Committee (VDC)-4 (4 days trek from the district headquarter of Humla - Simikot) is currently continuing his 29 months TEVT course in KTS Jumla. Mr. Sarki is from Dalit (backward and untouchable) family with immense motivation on agricultural skill learning. After the graduation, he aims to be a model farmer in his area adopting commercial agriculture farming or becoming an Agriculture Motivator in any development organization. RIDS-Nepal in 2009, selected him for full scholarship to study at KTS in Jumla in 'Junior Technician in Agriculture (JTA)'. The course includes 2 years' school training and 5 months On-the-Job Training (OJT) in an Agriculture office or farm to acquire necessary workplace experience.

2deepak Deepak Kumar Lama is from Muchu VDC -4, Humla (3 days walking from the district head quarter Simikot). He is from a poor ethnic family. He is interested in engineering and serving remote villages with small and sustainable infrastructure development activities using local resources. He is now a student of Civil Sub-overseer, a 29 months course at Karnali Technical School in Jumla. The course includes 2 years school training and 5 months On-the-Job Training (OJT) in an office or industry to acquire necessary workplace experience.

3Sarita_Bhandari Sarita Bhandari is from Thehe VDC-6, Humla (2 days walk from Simikot). She is from a very poor family and wants to be a health worker and serve the village women with MCH and awareness services. She got a scholarship for Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) course at Karnali Technical School, Jumla for 29 months' TEVT program (1 and half year schooling in Jumla, 6 months' hospital practice in Nepalgunj and 5 months OJT in any Health Service Center or Hospital.

4 Shova_KShova Kumari Shahi is from Kharpunath VDC- 5, Humla (3 days walk from Simikot). She is also from a poor family and wants to be a health worker and serve the village women with MCH and awareness services. She got a scholarship for Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) at Karnali Technical School, Jumla for 29 months'(1 and half year schooling in Jumla, 6 months' hospital practice in Nepalgunj and 5 months OJT in any Health Service Center or Hospital).





If you feel motivated and want to participate in RIDS-Nepal's endevour to strengthen the local man power through education, then please help us by donating to this noble cause. Donate now.

You can view detailed year wise expenditure for Technical School Leaving Certificate (TSLC) courses at KTS, Jumla below.

  1. Estimated costs for First Year: USD 710
  2. Estimated costs for 2nd Year: USD 670
  3. Estimated costs for OJT (On the Job Training) 6 months: USD 530

Total Cost: USD 1910