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Farmer Child Kamal


The Fall of a Farmer An Ignorant Child Kamal Budha A Dream of Light

RIDS-Nepal's most valuable are its people, who are, beside some expatriates, people from Humla, sharing the same vision and burden, to work with and among their own people. Thus we all work in close relationship with the local communities, in fact live within these communities. Stories, told by these people, we want to share with you. Not to make anyone great or big, but to share with you real life issues and impact the work and projects RIDS-Nepal runs have among our people and communities. The different stories shall make you aware that there are people who live on the same globe, at the same time as you do and therefore have the right to live a dignified life, with joys and sorrows, with the right to live and make the best out of their lives. Through your active partnership you enable RIDS-Nepal to live and work among them for their empowerment towards their full intended human potential.