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The fall of a farmer PDF Print E-mail

One year ago, I was working in Patrasi, VDC area. I was at my own house and was wrestling one old man's bull and went to talk with that person. He had placed a large metal serving spoon in the fire to heat it red hot. He then put it on the bull's eyeball. The bull reared up.
Farmer_1 The agriculture assistant questioned the person, "What happened to your bull?"
The old man said, "Wait a minute! Let me help you hold the bull! The bull cannot see, it wanders about into things"
Assistant: (I looked at the eye and the white part was red and inflamed (conjunctivitis), there was a small piece of chillie in the eye.) "What medicine did you use ?"
Old man: "I've tried a lot of medicines"
Assistant: "What type of medicines?" We discussed this for a while, then the old man's daughter brought a large hot metal serving spoon.


Old man: "Please help me hold the bull!"
Assistant: "Don't put that in the bull's eye.It will damage the eye."
Old man: "We have already done this to other bulls and they got better, so this will work for this bull too!"
Assistant: "Don't do this, I will bring some medicine from the veterinary office" But he put it in the eye and the bull reared up. He didn't believe me, as we didn't have a close relationship.
Old man: "If this does not work then you can bring your medicine"
Assistant: "OK, how many days has the bull's eye been like this?"
Old man: "For 8 or 9 days!"
Assistant: "What medicine have you tried?"

Old man: "The witch doctor's medicine. He said to put some uncooked rice in the bull's food and blow some into its eye and in three days it will be better."
Assistant: "What other village treatment was done?"
Old man: "Ground chillies, ground glass and it still wasn't healed. I am sad, because the bull is not healed. So I used the hot spoon, if the bull dies, then it dies! It wanders about and gives me a lot of trouble, because it cannot see the path"
Assistant: "Who said that putting ground chillies and glass in the eye would make it better?"
Old man: "Everyone says it and does it!"
Assistant: "If your animal is ill, do you not take it to the veterinary hospital?"
Old man: "If people are sick, we take them to the hospital, but not for animals, they are not important"
Assistant: "What do you think?"
Old man: "We don't have money for animal medicines! The bull is not able to walk to the hospital and I am too old to carry it"
Assistant: "Tomorrow I will go to the veterinary hospital and get the medicine (Tetracycline)" But the bull died.
Old man: "You were too late with the medicine!"

Later the old man thought: "if I had known about the medicine and met you a few days before, the bull would not have died. That bull cost me 6000 rupees. Now I know about your work and we will not put these things into the bulls eyes."