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Tour of Humla through Google Earth


Most of our RIDS-Nepal community development projects, in partnership with the local village communities, are in the remote district of Humla. As Humla is so remote, hardly anyone can manage the time (minimum 2 weeks) to come and visit us in Humla. Thus, we have created an interactive tool for you to "visit" the RIDS-Nepal partner villages in Humla through the RIDS-Nepal Google Earth TOUR. It will allow you, despite the remoteness and hardship to get to Humla, to see where our village partner projects are and how important it is to continue the work in participating in the improvement of the local Humla people's living conditions. We hope it will encourage you as well to keep the vision alive and to motivate you to keep on partnering with RIDS-Nepal to make it happen.

Click here to download the Humla Tour KMZ file and follow these instructions to "visit" Humla.

  1. Make sure you have Google Earth software installed on your system.
  2. Double click on the download KMZ file which should automatically start the Google Earth software if not open already.
  3. Now click on the Play Tour button as shown in the image here.
    Tour Button