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lightMy name is Makka Bohora. I live in a very remote area of Humla. I am 50 years old. I have never until now seen light. I thought, "What is a light bulb?", I was surprised. I thought I would never have light in my house, it would be like milking a bird of it's milk. I have two sons and their wives and their seven children living with me. My wife no longer lives with us as she died many years ago from a chest disease.

Five years ago RIDS-Nepal started work in Humla. I applied to RIDS-Nepal for a pico hydro-electricity scheme. They were starting a trial scheme. My friend and I applied together for the system to be put in our houses. I worked to build the water inlet to the hydro scheme, the house for the electric generator and help to install it. The electricity worked in our village. This was a trial phase. There was light in my house! I am very happy, because we used to use a special wood that produced a lot of smoke in producing light. This meant I often had a cough, due to the smoke. The electricity has now been in place since December 2005, and I cough less now. The house is cleaner, reading and writing is easier for my grand children, and we now don't have to go long distances to get this special wood. Many people come to my house to see the light bulbs. After seeing our electricity scheme, they are requesting a system for themselves. I am old now, but this electricity has been a great benefit to me. It is also cheap. Thank you RIDS-Nepal!