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Sand Water Filter for pure water at home

Dirty and polluted drinking water is the main source for amoebic dysentery, diarrhea and other stomach illnesses. Alongside the aim to have in each of the villages RIDS-Nepal starts a HCD (Holistic Community Development) project a Village Drinking Water System with different taps in the village, RIDS-Nepal has developed a "Slow Sand Water Filter (SSWF) which enables each household to keep at home pure drinking water, as often the water from the village tap carried home is kept in open containers. In this way the clean drinking water gets again contaminated through all kinds of bugs and unhygienic handling.

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According to the theory, the "Slow Sand Water Filter" can provide up to 98% bacterial free, clean water. With an average family size people, the "Slow Sand Water Filter" has a drinking water reservoir of about 9 liter. Till March 2007 six SSWFs  (both in galvanised and food grade glass fiber epoxy edition) as in the pictures presented are in the testing phase (periodical e-coliform testing) in Humla. One is in RIDS-Nepal High Altitude Simikot Office and five are in the near by villages. If the test results are satisfactory, RIDS-Nepal wants to produce this SSWF with a subsidy available for the local people in all the villages RIDS-Nepal is currently working in.


Sand Water Filter. The water flows through 900 mm sand



Bottom: 9 liter clean water tank and 200 mm sand


Middle: Filled with sand 700 mm, put on top of the bottom part


Top: Dirty water is poured in rough sand for first cleansing

Do you want to take a part in that project. 50% of the cost per SSWF (inclusive land and air transport to Humla) is approximately US$ 30. How many households can expect your participation?

Healthy Drinks Healthy Drinks


The following pictures show the new, second generation, SSWF which is made out of food grade glass fiber epoxy. It has the same dimensions as the first one (see pictures above).

sswf new 1
New, food grade glass fiber epoxy SSW.
First from left: "Candle" shaped middle part
Second from left front: Top part (rough sand)
Third from left behind: 9 liter, clean water tank
Fourth from left front: Top lid cover
sswf new 3
The middle part is filled with 700 mm
fine sand, right to the bottom of the
"candle" shaped
sswf new 2
Assembled new SSWF
ready for e-coliform testing
in Humla from March 2007