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The neighboring villages of Moharigaun and Dopa are located in the Karnali region of Jumla, one of the remote and impoverished districts of Nepal. With both villages, RIDS-Nepal leadership and staff, have a long history (since the mid 90s). Then in 2002 we started with both village communities a "Family of 4" long-term holistic community development program. But due to the civil war we were not able to follow-up or continue our project partnership as intended. Finally after 8 years, after an initial visit and requests from both village communities, we were able to restart the partnership and project activities, based on the identified needs of the local people. The following video shows what has thus far happened and what is left, in both villages, for which we would like to raise your attention, interest and partnership to make it happen and become reality:

  1. A village drinking water system for Moharigaun village, to fulfill the "Family of 4" holistic community development program, as well as some additional, by the local people identified, needs they requested to be addressed.
  2. A "Family of 4" holistic community development program (Pit Latrines, Stoves, Indoor Lighting and a Village Drinking Water System) for Dopa Village.

Please watch this video, DOWNLOAD it, share it with others, show it to your friends and like minded interest groups in order to find the needed financial resources and project partners to transfer the hopes of the Moharigaun and Dopa people into reality.