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Which project do you think is the most important for the development of a place like Humla?
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RIDS-Nepal is currently conducting more than 12 different types of projects in Humla. Along with RIDS-Nepal's unique Holistic Development approach, it has also developed the concept of "Family of 4" and the "Family of 4 PLUS". "Family of 4" concept reflects the 4 basic requirements that are fundamental for a long term sustainable development. The "Family of 4" concept incorporates Pit Latrine, SMS, Light and Water. We feel that each one of these projects need to go hand in hand with the other to see any positive change in the community. These are the 4 pillars that create the foundation on which the "Family of 4 PLUS" concept is applied. The "Family of 4 PLUS" concept mainly focuses on uplifting the human standard along with sustaining the basic requirement. The "Family of 4 PLUS" concept incorporates Solar water heater, Food security, Non-Formal Education and Evaluation and Survey. All of these projects are specially designed keeping in mind the context in which they would be applied so that people of Humla get the maximum benefit from the projects. You can choose below which concept you want to view.

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