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RIDS-Nepal High Altitude Simikot office serves implementation and research projects. The office is at exact 3000 meters above sea level and was establsihed in 2004. It is here that we conduct rigorous testing and monitoring of all newly developed technologies under the real harsh field conditions for a significant long time period. These new technologies are often developed in collaboration with the Kathmandu University or one of the several other international Universities RIDS-Nepal collaborates with. In this way a new technology's performance, appropriateness and sustainability in a defined local context, can be verified and validated at high altitude conditions.



Manny of the projects which we focus on have started as RIDS-Nepal/KU student project collaboration.



These projects are then monitored for an extensive period of time, recording various defined parameters. Based on the data and experiece obtained, the results are evaluated and the shortcomings identified. If needed, technological changes take place so that the new technology is able to meet the expected services and standards. Only once the expected services and standards are met, a new technology become a part of the "Family of 4" or "Family of 4 PLUS" concept. In this way only, new technology, thoroughly tested and ready to be install in the local context, finds its way into the villages of Humla to serve the local people.

Checking the acid level of the battery bank
Greenhouse providing more than enough food for the Simikot Office staffs
RIDS-Nepal High Altitude Simikot Office showing different projects being tested
Routine meeting between NFE facilitators and Head NFE volunteer
Main data monitoring center
High altitude air pollution measurement
Measuring the efficiency of Solar Cooker
Two of three solar trackers installed in Simikot office which are monitored continuously
Measurement of Solar Water Heater absorbers
Utilizing Renewable Energy Projects
RIDS-Nepal staff cleaning a Solar Drier