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iamawomanLife in Humla as a woman is "different" than anywhere else on this earth. Not without reason is the life expectancy of a woman around 40 to 42 years only while the man's is around 44 to 47. The shear burden of the daily work, be it the bearing of children, not rarely 7 or more , but only 2 to 3 get older than five Or the collecting of up to sixty kg firewood every other day, far up in the forest, which is dwindling away Or the duty of the woman in the "ghatta" (the local mill for grinding the corn, barley or wheat flower), which is usually during the whole night, as the days are already more than full or the daily cooking at the open fire inside the dark house, full of smoke or to cope with the husband's alcohol problem or to cope with the thought that the husband is thinking of taking a second (or sometimes a third) wife because he wants a son and some hands more for the work to be done . Here one of the songs, "I am a Woman, Made to be Equal", a RIDS-Nepal staff wrote and a local Humli woman sings about her life and daily burden.



1)  Women are weak, men are strong. Men have become rich by exploiting woman's weakness

2)  Women never have a happy day.


iamawoman2 iamawoman4

3)  A firefly is attracted by the Jethalla seed. Like Ranas, man dictates the woman

4)  Women prey morning and evening for their husbands and are rewared with nothing more than misery in Humla.

iamawoman3 woman_extracting_oil